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Jewelry, silver with gold soldering

Jewelry, which we will present, in a way unique and virtually no analogues. And the essence of all that we use the most precious metals, as well as their best quality. Take the word of the quality of gold - a noble, luxurious metal, yellow glow gives the product vyshey status. Silver - this is grapefruit juice, which is very useful but not very much (for me) delicious.

And so our factory Silver - Ukraine " has to offer - a decoration made of silver with gold soldering. Namely soldering, I specify no spraying, namely soldering silver jewelry with gold.

Our factory works products for women, in the future expansion of the site, working with our business partners, which produce the same type of products just for men.

What kinds of jewelry made of silver our site "Silver - Ukraine can offer you:

It is also possible to fly as a whole sets (headsets - Earrings + Rings)

How to buy???Go ther

Manufacturing totally exclusive product level you can appreciate, on the site by clicking on the link in the Exclusive .

Ability to select the most stone (assuming the production of more 10 items of goods, if the ring is from 30 units. and if you earrings of 15 units).

Choose the best.

Contact withe us???Go ther

Sincerely, site administration.


Ювелирные украшения из серебра с напайкой золота оптом


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